Uncharted 4 Walkthrough and Complete Guide | Latest

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Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Uncharted 4 Walkthrough: The action-adventure game uncharted 4 is created by Naughty Dog and launched by Sony Computer Entertainment. In online multiplayer mode, you can solve puzzles, and use melee combat, firearms, and stealth to combat enemies. you have the option to engage up to ten players to activate the competitive mode. Uncharted 4 walkthroughs contain all the guides about the locations of every treasure.

Each mission includes multiple chapters and plenty of areas to cover. Players can also find collectible items during their walkthrough. You can easily complete the game 100% and get all the trophies. The major portion of the guide contains detailed information on all the chapters of the game, in which some hints and key points are provided to eliminate opponents.

This guide is directly enriched with amazing high-quality images on which main places are marked to reach. Hidden bonus points and secrets are also available to the players, collectibles section contains more than 109 treasures, with the location of journal entries and the solution of many complex puzzles. In the trophy guide, all the key points are available in detail to unlock all the trophies. Every trophy specifies a particular description.

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Uncharted 4 Walkthrough and Complete Guide | Latest

Uncharted 4 Main Story

The main story takes about 15 hours to complete as it is the longest game in all of the series. If players get all the collectibles, this extends the game by 3 hours. Try to complete the game twice to get the platinum trophy. All this process takes you at least 30 hours to finish. Moreover, the multiplayer mode adds some additional hours to the finishing duration.

Treasures are divided into all the chapters according to the main side quests. The game also offers a photo mode with several options. Press analog keys to activate properly them during gameplay. You can block the photo mode during the cutscenes. This mode allows you to adjust the camera.

Improve focus and apply multiple filters to get better results. In addition, the game has launched a separate multiplayer mode, therefore, you don’t need to get a PlayStation subscription to finish the campaign. The first three parts of this series are launched for PS4. The Nathan Drake Collection is also available free for PC players.

Breakin Down Uncharted 4 Main Story

Sony computer entertainment has also released a large standalone expansion uncharted series: The lost legacy. This expansion offers a whole new story along with two other characters, Sam Drake and Nadine Cross. There is a special update for players of play station 4 pros, as this increases the resolution up to 1440p/30fps for single-player commands and 1080p/60fpr.

In the walkthrough and guides, we allow the player to cover more significant aspects of all chapters and play through the portions of the game. They can solve complex puzzles to unlock their destination areas.

Some Tips to Get Easily Through Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

  • Most of the people go through the specific areas of the game and finish it by falling to death.
  • So, it is highly advised to take the proper time to cover and climb through map locations.
  • Always try to use stealthier methods to explore certain areas.
  • It will be very beneficial to opt for a more stealthy adventure, with that you can easily track your enemies.
  • Choose your hidden location carefully and always become alert and ready to move to another area in case of a sudden attack. 

Fighters can use long-range rifles and shotguns in combat. Some short-barreled pistols and handheld explosives are also available for them. This game allows the player to leap over gaps by grappling hook, as it gives a tactical advantage in combat campaigns. So they become powerful enough to attack directly.

Uncharted 4 Walkthrough and Complete Guide | Latest


Uncharted 4 Walkthrough is featured with all advanced options. As it introduces an artificial intelligence system to respond in tactical combat situations. We have provided proper guides for journal entries, puzzle solutions, and trophies. Players can find various hidden plus points during their walkthrough, which helps to reach the destination. Uncharted 4 walkthrough is a fun game.

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