Turkish series Gülcemal’s cast of characters

It has been decided who will play the female lead in the Gülcemal series. Who plays what roles in the Gulcemal Series? How would you characterise them?

The Gülcemal television series, which is being made by MF Production, has Eda Tezcan occupying the scriptwriter position. Murat Ünalmş, Melis Sezen, and Serkan Ayolu will play the actors in Gülcemal. The intriguing tales of Gülcemal and her siblings who lived in Bolu will be the subject of the Gülcemal television series. Fox TV will start airing the Gülcemal series in 2023. The Gülcemal series will be directed by Yusuf Pirhasan.


Murat Unalmis is cast as the role of Gulcemal in Gulcemal Character.

Casts of Gulcemal characters
On April 23, 1981, Murat Ünalmş was born in Kayseri. He received his degree from Marmara University’s Business Administration Department. She pursued acting studies at Akademi Istanbul following her undergraduate studies. The actress is 84kg and 187cm tall. Hayat Balar was where she began her acting career. The following are a few of Murat Ünalmş’s productions since he assumed the lead role in the Once Once a Time TV series: Living in Denial, Deli Gönül, Sevda Kuşun Wing, Sebdulbahir 32 Hours, Wind, and Town

Gülcemal is a man who lost everything after his mother abandoned him years ago. Gülcemal has now sought retribution and is no longer the innocent girl that her mother abandoned years ago; yet, while In her quest for retribution, Gülcemal falls in love with Deva, the fiancée of her half-brother Mert.

As Deva, Melis Sezen performs

Last but not least, Melis Sezen, who portrayed Derin in the television series “Sadakatsiz,” was born in Istanbul in 1993 and is currently in her 30s. Melis Sezen, a media and visual arts graduate from Koç University, first rose to fame with the TV show Hayat Sometimes Sweet. More recently, she has appeared in hit shows including Dear Past and Stain. Mehmet Uygun is the love of Melis Sezgin’s life. Melis Sezen is 54 kilos and 1.69 metres tall.

Mert is engaged to Deva. Gülcemal, Mert’s older brother, would develop a strong love for Mert after initially harbouring animosity for him.

As Mert, Edip Tepeli performs:

The most recent actor to join the cast of Gülcemal is Edip Tepeli, who most recently participated in the TV shows Sefirin Kz and Destan. 34-year-old Edip Tepeli was born in Izmir in 1989. Edip Tepeli is 180 cm tall and 75 kg in weight. He is married to the actress Ayşecan Tatari. Edip Tepeli played the Kavruk in the Sefirin Kz series, and the character of Batuga was his first major role in the saga.

Deva is engaged to Mert. Gülcemal’s father, Mert, lives apart from his mother.

Gulendam is played by Nilay Erdonmez.

Nilay Erdonmez, who is under the age of 37, was born on May 12th, 1986 in Istanbul. Nilay Erdönmez, a Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University graduate and a beloved actor, had previously brought to life the role of Cansel in the television series Kardeş ‘ocuklar.

Gülcemal’s sister is Gülendam.


Zafer is played by Ayda Aksel.

Last but not least, Ayda Aksel, who played the role of Fazilet in the TV series Baba, will now join the cast of The Shooter’s Son as Zafer. Ayda Aksel, who first gained popularity with the Hercai and Ayda Aksel Remember Beloved novels, has appeared in the Gülperi and Poyraz Karayel series.

in recent years, as well as Wealthy Girl Poor Boy.

Gülcemal’s mother is Zafer. She had to leave her son years ago, and now she is an authoritative, resentful mother.

Burak is a competent Armagan.

Burak Can was born on December 21, 1996, in Istanbul. He most recently made his appearance in front of the public with the series Duy Beni. The actress graduated from Istanbul Aydn University’s Drama and Acting Department after studying acting since she was a young child. Burak Can, who stands 176 cm tall and weighs 65 kg, has performed in plays including The North Star: First Love, Storm inside me, Snake’s Beast, and Dar Başna.

Gülcemal’s younger brother is named Armaan.


Vefa is played by Cahit Gok.

Istanbul is where Cahit Gök was born in 1981. With the character of Cüneyt, which he created for the Black and White Love series, Cahit Gök, who is now 42 years old, won the audience over. I’m Cahit Gök Ezel, Anadolu University’s Department of Economics alum who now enjoys success as an actor in the TV show. He gained fame and admiration in 2014 for his portrayal as Urfalyam Ezelden in the television series.

Zafer is played by Sema Keçik.

On October 4, 1965, Sema Keçik, one of the Gülcemal Performers, was born in Ar. She received her degree from the acting department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She has experience in various theater-related professions. Sema Keçik, who made her acting debut in the 2009 television series Bir Bulut Olsam, had earlier appeared in Kirmizi Oda (Red Room)


As Mert, Samet Kaan Kuyucu performs

Actor Samet Kaan Kuyucu was born in Gaziantep in 1995. He attended the acting programme at Hacettepe University. With the 2018 premiere of the Collision series, the charming actress made her movie debut. Afterwards, Samet Kaan Kuyucu, who participated in productions including Aşk 101, Oh Where, Baba, and ember, shall at last be seen in the Gülcemal series.

Halil Brahim is played by Atilla Endil.

Atilla Endil, a seasoned actor, was born on July 17, 1963, in Eskişehir and received his degree in theatre from Mimar Sinan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. The 177 cm tall actor spent several years working at the Trabzon State Theater after graduating. Atilla Endil, who is best known for playing the role of Fikret in the World Sovereignty series by the band Bandit, has also appeared in plays including The War of the Roses and Leyla and Mecnun.


Gara Ana is played by Nilüfer Açkaln.

One of the Gülcemal actors, Nilüfer Açkaln, was born on January 1st, 1967 in Istanbul. The seasoned actor, who received her degree in theatre from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory, gained her acting debut in the 1988 film Ada. Nilüfer

Açkaln, who has previously been in plays like Yeşilçam, Naked, and My Life, will finally make an appearance in front of the audience alongside Gara in the Gülcemal series.


As Pek, Meltem Akçöl performs.

Meltem Akçöl, a stunning actress who was born in Istanbul in 2001, aspires to earn a degree in acting. Meltem Akçöl, a young actress who rose to fame in the television show Duy Beni, is 1.66 metres tall and weighs 48 kg. A Televi Manager named Meltem Akçöl will appear in the show as one of the stunning actresses from the Gülcemal series.


As Emrullah, Sebahattin Yakut performs.

Sebahattin Yakut, who was born in Manisa on June 7, 1981, graduated from the theatre programme at Eskişehir Anadolu University State

Conservatory. With the film Jin, popular actress Sebahattin Yakut, who is 1.79 metres tall and weighs 78 kg, made her debut in front of the cameras. Sebahattin Yakut Gülcemal, a well-known actress who most recently had appearances in films including My Brothers, Lonely Wolf, and Happy Family Table, joined the cast.


Ayaz Kortunc plays Canan in the play.

The stunning actress Pek Ayaz Kortunç, who was born on January 1 of 1985, is a graduate of the theatre programme at Mimar Sinan University. Pek Ayaz Kortuç, who stands 1.63 metres tall and weighs 68 kg, performed in theatre plays such Marital Status Woman and Reverse World for the first time. Pek Ayaz Kortunç, who has performed in plays like Town and Innocents Apartment,

Doctor will at last make an appearance on television as Canan in the Gülcemal series.


As Semra, Gokcem Coban Yasemin performs.

Gokcem’s Ban Yasemin Bulut, a manager, will play the role of Semra in the television show Gülcemal. The producers were drawn to the stunning actress after she participated in the horror movie Ecinni 3: Silent Scream. The attractive actress Gökçem oban, who has previously been successful in drama series and horror films, is expected to further her reputation by succeeding in this project.


As Narin, Melike Küçük performs.

The Gülcemal series will feature a young actress named Melike Küçük. Melike Küçük Gülcemal, a young actress who previously made successful TV appearances in shows like Dahaönce Yalanclar ve Mumlar and Menajerimi Ara will play Narin in the TV series.