The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide | 2022

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The Last of Us Walkthrough

The Last of Us Walkthrough: The last of us is one of the most demanding and highest-rayed games in gaming history. The unofficial guide of the last of us provides complete information about the gameplay that helps to finish the game easily. The game is a great combination of survival horror and action-adventure genres. Fighting takes place shortly where humanity has been in danger and a few handfuls of survivors fight for their survival.

Players can discover all additional areas and locations to get more experience. Joel and Ellie are the main protagonists. The main part of this guide is a detailed walkthrough of the chapters. You can find proper of all the encounters (powerful enemies and mini-bosses), hand igh-quality maps with marked routes. All these key points become very beneficial to overcome hurdles during the very walkthrough.

Walkthrough The Last of Us

These guidelines also contain pages for beginners who are on their first attempt to play this game. That’s why they need The Last of Us Walkthrough. Some starting tips help to understand the basics of the game. These pages have some major tips to complete the initial chapters and a survival guide. In addition, trophy guides are also available for trophy hunters that consist list of all the trophies with their basic description. Moreover, players will find some secret chapters throughout the game.

They can track the location of all important collectibles such as training manuals, comic books, artifacts, and firefly pendants. In 2019, the last of us remastered series was released for PlayStation subscribers. Collectibles help you to eliminate giant enemies. With a peculiar title, this game does not have any final boss fight in the single-player campaign. But these are two mini-bosses named Bloater and David from the lakeside resort chapter.

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide | 2022

The Last of Us Walkthrough

For the first time, Bloater appears in front of the High school Escape stage. You also come across them in selected stages of the game. On the other hand, David encounters takes place while controlling Ellie. You need to act smartly and try to sneak up to perform a surprise attack on the enemy.

The platinum trophy is one of the most difficult trophies to achieve. You can unlock this platinum trophy with less than half a percent of the game on PlayStation 4. Players need to complete this game twice with very high survival difficulty levels and upgraded weapons.

The game also has microtransactions for multiplayer mode. These transactions offer you the power to get hidden skills, new weapons, and multiple executions with new gestures. The last of us remastered was later developed by Naughty Dogs in 2019. The whole walkthrough is specially designed to guide you with tips and tricks. All the levels have quarantine zone chapters,

Some of These Are Given Below

The Outskirts

During going through Outskirts, Ellie and Joel visit local town halls and museums. Players are advised to avoid detection of the enemy. In the last portion of this chapter, some major battles with infected protagonists are available to them.

Bill’s Town

Bill’s town is a rural area with title ally. In this chapter, more encounters will take place than normal. A giant monster comes across the school building. Where Bloater is encountered for the first time. 


Pittsburgh starts with an ambush prepared by Bandits. During the journey of this chapter, clashes with various thugs are the main topic of this walkthrough. Some local hotels and financial districts are some additional bandit camps of Pittsburgh.

Lakeside Resort

The lakeside resort is one of the most adventurous chapters of this series as has two unique features. The whole gameplay takes place in winter controlled by Ellie. In the last part of this chapter, players have to fight with a unique giant boss.

The Last of Us Walkthrough and Guide | 2022


The Last of Us Walkthrough contains all the keys for stress-free completion of the journey. This series is the perfect combination of action-adventure and survival horror genres. You can find multiple chapters and missions to explore the marked locations of the map. The game is worth playing. The Last of Us is a survival video game that was developed for the PlayStation 3.

Its story follows Joel and Ellie as they struggle to survive in a world. Where human civilization has been destroyed by an infection transmitted via a fungus-like species called “The Cordyceps Brain Infection”. In this post, we’ll go over what you need to know about playing through The Last of Us on Hard difficulty mode. If you’re interested in more information on how to play the game. Be sure to check out our other posts.

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