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Tekken Tag Apk could be a battling game within the Tekken arrangement and therefore the replacement for 1999's Tekken Tag.
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Tekken Tag Tournament For Android

Tekken Tag Apk could be a battling game within the Tekken arrangement and therefore the replacement for 1999’s Tekken Tag. The sport was delivered in Japanese arcades on Sep fourteen, 2011, with the reassure variants born on Sept. 11, 2012, for the PlayStation three and Xbox 360.

It had been delivered to the Wii U together with the framework’s dispatch titles in the Gregorian calendar month 2012, captioned Wii U Edition. A demo for the PlayStation three was incorporated with the Tekken Hybrid assortment delivered in North America on Gregorian calendar month twenty-two, 2011, and Europe on Gregorian calendar month twenty-five, 2011, handy the CGI film Tekken: Blood payback. Associate degree update for the arcade rendition, Tekken Tag, was delivered on March twenty-seven, 2012, in Japan.

Tekken Tag Tournament Gameplay

Tekken Tag Apk theme

As within the initial Tekken Tag Tournament, matches embrace each player selecting 2 contenders to battle with. Players will amend their contenders out whenever allowing the inactivated character to incessantly recuperate some life they’ll have lost. On the off likelihood that each of a player’s contenders’ existence bars runs out, that player loses the spherical. If time expires, the player WHO has the foremost mixture life staying among their contenders wins the sport.

When chosen as a label cluster, sure sets of characters have nice introductions, win presents, and lose presents, Tag Throws, and Netsu appraisals. The Netsu assessments influence current interaction. Whether or not a personality ‘loved’, was unconcerned with, or ‘disdained’ another, would achieve the faster or a lot of slow capability to amass a hurt facilitate once their supporter was injured.

Tekken Tag Game Download Apk

The outstanding success and loss presented are a lot legend-based and do not squarely arrange onto the Netsu framework. However, the Netsu framework will provide indications relating to WHO that can have a big association. The ongoing interaction develops the label mechanics highlighted within the primary Tekken Tag, taking into consideration broadened label combos and consolidated moves. New procedures incorporate consolidated Tag Throws, which, whenever planned fitly, will be gotten aloof from.

Label jazz bands (alluded to as “Label Assaults”) ought to be attainable whereas the 2 characters participate within the combo at the same time. Label Crashes may be performed once the player was on the bottom and their accomplice’s eudaemonia bar is streaky red. the sport acquires interactivity highlights from Tekken Six, e.g., “Bound” (hits that biff associate degree mobile rival to the land and paralyze them thus combos will be expanded) and walled fields, a number of that as well as dividers and floors that may be gotten through throughout the Battle. 

Tekken Tag Apk gameplay

Features of Tekken Tag Apk

There are in all probability the simplest options of this game that have to be compelled to be famous to you if you’ll play this game on your device.


In this selection, you’ll see separately the next Battle and every next spherical Battle obtaining onerous. You’ll see ten Battles, and therefore the Last Battle is simply too onerous as a result of the last Battle, you’ll see the Boss battle.

Vs. Battle

This Multiplayer Mode implies you’ll play this Battle mode on two Player modes.

Team Play

You can do two Vs. 2, 3 Vs. 3, and 4 Vs. Four Battle during this selection.

Time Attack

This is entirely just like Arcade Mode; but, you see Battle with the deadline to check Battle during this selection.

Survival Mode

In Survival Mode, you see final Battle Rounds with Random rivals; but, if your eudaemonia bar Power is Low, the following Battle will not be complete as a result of the quality of this selection if you wish to battle all rivals simply one Life Power.

1 ON 1

On the off likelihood that you just have to be compelled to play one vs. one Character battle thus, during this various, you’ll do exactly one vs. one Battle like Arcade Mode.

1 ON 1 Vs

This is a Multiplayer Mode selection technique if you wish to play along with your friends, thus you play this selection and Versus Battle selection for two Vs. 2.


In this selection, you’ll improve your battle skills and resolve just about all Combos in observe Mode it resembles getting ready Mode.


You can transfer the sport on your mobile and your computer, laptop computer yet. Below is the technique to transfer.

Tekken Tag Tournament Characters List:

  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Kunimitsu
  • Jack-2
  • Kuma/Panda
  • Bruce
  • Lee
  • Julia
  • Jun
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Ganryu
  • Anna Williams
  • Bryan fury
  • Gun Jack
  • Michelle
  • ArmorKing
  • Baek
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Forest Law
  • Nina Williams
  • Hwoarang
  • Paul Pheonix
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Lei
  • King
  • Roger
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre
  • Devil Kazuya /Angel
  • Tetsujin / Mokujin
  • Wang.
  • P.Jack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play the Tekken Tag?

Yes, it’s 100 % secure and safe from viruses, spam, and malware.

Is Tekken Tag a free game?

Yes, it’s freed from the price to transfer and install Tekken Tag. You’ll play it all stages with no price.

Is it necessary to own a Facebook account to play Tekken Tag?

No, you do not need to own a Facebook account to play Tekken Tag.

You can Modify Game Sound, Control, and a lot of in possibility Mode.

Download & Install Tekken Tag Apk

On Android

  • Download the most recent Tekken Tag from this page.
  • Install the Tekken Tag game file on your automaton device
  • Follow the directions within.
  • Begin and luxuriate in the sport.

On Computer & Lap Prime

  • Download the Bluestacks application by typewriting Bluestacks on any of the search engines.
  • When downloading Bluestacks, install this application on your computer
  • Once the installation is complete, open Bluestacks by double-clicking the icon.
  • Look out for Bluestacks computer program on the highest and kind in their “Tekken Tag.”
  • Click on the install button and watch for jiffy for the Bluestacks someone to put in this game on your computer
  • Currently move to Bluestacks->My Apps. There you’ll realize the Tekken Tag Icon.
  • Press that icon and begin enjoying the sport.

Final Thoughts

Tekken is the name that has systematically been indivisible from recreation since its starting. Once the automaton recreation time started. It had been inevitable that the sport turned into an associate degree automaton recreation application. The third unleash of the sport furnishes the gamer with threefold expertise. And threefold the activity with the foremost sensible current interaction with the simplest illustrations out there. Therefore, the whole game is given to the gamer altogether for nothing out of pocket.

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