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SSX Tricky is one of the most memorable PS2 games involving snowboarding. It is an action 3D first POV game where the player can perform various tricks in challenging terrain.
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SSX Tricky Apk For Android

SSX Tricky Mod Apk is an online racing game app developed by Best point Co. The integration of the game application in the Android smartphone will help the players to enjoy live virtual snowboarding. Free with no internet connection required. Just integrate the game app and enjoy live skating with advanced controls. The game app is initially launched for the players of Play Station 2. When the game was launched, players all over the world loved the concept ready to engage in the game.

Reflect on their smart gaming skills in all modes. All the player has to do is select the character they are willing to display inside. Once the character selection is done, go to the main panel. The control panel is easy to access and does not require any subscription. If you are ready to show smooth racing game skills then you better install SSX Tricky Download. 

It requires a paraglider and a lot of coordination we can’t say it’s an easy task. But everyone else’s jaw will drop from the search result!  The more tricks you do, the higher your score will be and the faster you will climb the leaderboard. There are many methods you can try and even if you are a beginner you can practice the game.

SSX Tricky Apk + Obb Download 

Games are always fun to play mobile games. SSX Tricky android game is one of the most memorable PS2 games involving snowboarding. It is an action 3D first POV game where the player can perform various tricks in challenging terrain. You will have to perform tricks and combos to get points. But you have to try not to fall off the edge. 

The controls are easy to learn and master. Use the buttons on the screen to perform various tricks. The game also supports game controllers. It makes it even more fun and immersive. The World Circuit competition is where the different players from around the world play and compete against each other. You have to complete three consecutive laps in each circuit. The top three players in each round advance to the semi-final and final rounds.

You should always aim to finish in the top four to ensure you progress to the next level. In each circuit, the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner. These wins aren’t just for bragging rights. You’ll also get in-game rewards to help you upgrade your characters and snowboards.

Major Features of This Game

  • This game mimics real snowboarding in every way.
  • You’ll have a world circuit, various events, and tournaments to keep you engaged.
  • In addition, the controls have been designed to give you the most authentic experience.
  • The game has excellent 3D graphics.
  • The courses of the game are also amazing and artistic. You can even explore shortcuts!
  • You will have competitors to keep you in check.
  • Each character has unique characteristics that will affect their performance on the slopes.
  • Some will be friendly while others will want to win at all costs. 
  • The courses have been designed to give you the most extreme experiences.
  • They are diverse and offer different challenges.
  • Even better, the latest version of the game includes Alaska and Garibaldi courses, some of the steepest and most unpredictable terrain!
  • The characters were voiced by well-known celebrities.
  • Other actors involved in voicing include Oliver Platt and Billy Zane.
  • The game features advanced tricks involving extreme flips and spins.
  • For example, Fakie encourages you to land with your back foot forward, while Late encourages you to do more tricks before landing.
  • The more tricks you perform in the air, the more immersive the gameplay.

FAQs About SSX Tricky Mobile Game

Is ssx tricky safe or not?

Yes, it is a hundred safe and interesting games. You can Scan it by antimalware.

What is the world circuit in ssx tricky?

The World Circuit is where the fun comes first. Once you enter this mode, you are ready to go pro. 

How to get a high score in ssx tricky?

In Showoff, the goal is to try as many tricks as possible to get the highest score possible. However, the race challenges players to take first place. 

How many songs are there in ssx tricky?

There are eight tracks available in the game that you can compete in.

What is one event in ssx tricky?

This mode takes over only one of the events from the World Circuit mode. You can either perform many tricks or race against everyone for first place.

Why is SSX Tricky Apk Unique for Android?

Attractive and element graphics are used in this game. Which can perfectly catch the beauty of the snowy terrain. The characters are also detailed. When you are playing this game, it feels like you are in the game. Every aspect of the game, from the controls to the strategy, is designed to perfection. This makes it one of the most exciting and engaging games you can play on your phone. 


SSX Tricky Ps3 Download is a sports video game. By changing the board, helmet, and clothing, players can customize their characters.  The graphical representation of the game perfectly captures the beauty of the snowy terrain in the game. There are also descriptions of some characters. When you play, this game will provide you with live enjoyment.  Every aspect of the game, from the controls to the movement, is carefully designed. Players can choose from twelve characters, participate in races and earn rewards in The App.

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