Top 4 Scaffolding Insurance Providers in UK

Scaffolding works are at high risk because they work in public spaces, their staff have to work at heights and their structures need to withstand all weather conditions.

As such, the scaffolding trade is a high-risk profession which can make it difficult to obtain insurance but finding effective coverage is essential. Public liability and employer liability are crucial cover for most companies and can be a legal or contractual requirement for some clients.

We’ve explored what some of the leading insurance providers can offer to do the scaffolding below.

Top 4 Scaffolding Insurance Providers in UK


Some of the features and benefits of Aviva scaffolding insurance.

  • Insurance for roofing, cladding and scaffolding contractors
  • Custom cover
  • Public liability and product liability
  • Employers responsibility
  • Death of the employee / LOSC site
  • Financial loss
  • Professional compensation
  • Contract business
  • Plant cover
  • Only available through an intermediary

Aviva is an insurance company that offers a broad range of business insurance products that cater to a variety of trades and professions. They offer standalone and combination insurance packages tailored for specific works which include roofing, cladding and scaffolding contractors insurance.

Aviva Roofing, Cladding and Scaffolding Contractors Insurance provides discounts to NASC and NRFC members but also insures companies that are not members and do not have a height limit and will consider hazardous locations. Standard cover includes £5m general and product liability, £10m employer liability, site death cover, financial loss, professional indemnity, contract work and plant cover.

Aviva website

Touchstone Underwriting Limited

Some of the features and benefits of Touchstone Underwriting Limited Scaffolding Insurance.

  • Responsibility for roofing, scaffolding and construction
  • Covers employees, third party property, and injury
  • There is no height limit
  • Includes the use of heat
  • Site death and capital benefits
  • Financial loss
  • Professional compensation
  • Extra classes available
  • Option to cover contract work and plant cover
  • Offers discounts to selected trade members

Touchstone Underwriting is a specialist insurance company that offers specialist commercial insurance products on hard-to-insure risks. They offer a range of specialist products which includes Roofing, Scaffolding and Building Insurance which suit roofers and scaffolding owners with a turnover of over £1m per annum and prove to have sound risk management processes.

Touchstone Underwriting’s roofing, scaffolding, and masonry insurance provides coverage with no height limit and includes heat use. Provides liability protection, professional indemnity, excess classes, financial loss, site death, and capital benefits. Discounts are offered to members of the NFRC, CORC, NASC, Scaffolders Association (Tier 3), LCA, and FTMRC.

Touchstone Underwriting Limited website

Pen Underwriting

Some of the features and benefits of securing scaffolding in Pen Underwriting.

  • Securing roofers and scaffolding
  • Flexible cover meets your needs
  • Employers responsibility
  • General liability
  • Covering legal costs
  • Defective cover
  • Financial loss
  • Choose an additional cover
  • Suitable for companies in the UK including Northern Ireland
  • Discounts available to trade union members

Pen Underwriting is an insurance company that is also a virtual insurance company providing coverage to a wide range of businesses and sectors from SME and above. The range of business insurance products includes high risk insurance products such as roofers and scaffolding insurance available to businesses across the UK.

Pen Underwriting Roofing and Scaffolding insurance includes employer liability as standard up to £10m and general liability insurance of up to £5m. You can choose to add an excess layer cover, cover legal costs, defective manufacturing, and cover financial losses. It also provides a range of other insurance coverages that can be added, such as construction insurance cover.

Website for pen subscription

Kerry London

Some of the features and benefits of scaffolding insurance in Kerry London.

  • Securing roofers and scaffolding
  • custom cover
  • Risk protection
  • General liability
  • Employers responsibility
  • Professional compensation
  • Contractors all risk
  • personal incident
  • Offers a variety of complementary cover
  • Extensive experience in the construction industry

Kerry London is an insurance company and underwriter specializing in providing cover to the construction, property, healthcare, manufacturing, sports and leisure sectors. They offer a variety of specialist insurance products including high risk products such as roofing and scaffolding insurance.

Kerry London Roofing and Scaffolding Insurance has been designed to meet the needs of these high risk businesses and give them the protection they need to insure against property damage or injury to your employees or members of the public. You can work with them to build your coverage from general liability, employer liability, professional indemnity and contractors all perils and personal accident.

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