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Can you stop the Insurgency? From the creator of Plague Inc. comes a unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation.
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Aug 9, 2022
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Rebel Inc Mod Apk for Android (Premium Unlocked). A long time ago, in a galaxy far away the Rebel Alliance was born. And now, the war continues. With so many factions vying for control of the galaxy and with so much at stake, this is not just a rebellion it’s a revolution. The Rebel Inc game has six different factions to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Each faction has a different political agenda and beliefs about how to achieve its goals. Some are more extreme than others, but they all have one thing in common: they want to take back what they feel was stolen from them by the government. Each of these groups was created after the government took over or destroyed existing societies or cultures that had been living free for generations before being conquered by humans in power positions such as kings or queens (or presidents).

Rebel Inc Gameplay

Rebel Inc Mod Apk is a strategic-level insurgency simulation featuring a wide range of revolutionary tactics, from bombings to ransom kidnappings. Players will have to balance their resources and take on the role of either a rebel or government official in order to win the game. The game has three different factions: Rebels, Government Officials (GOGO), and Terrorists (TOT). Each faction has its own unique set of units that can be trained at different camps around the world. Players must choose which faction they want to support by completing missions for them or stealing supplies from rival factions’ bases.

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Features of Rebel Inc Mod

4 Distinct Regions, Each with Their Own ARU Deployment and Civilian Activity

Each region has its own ARU deployment, civilian activity level, and insurgent activity level. The cities in which you can take part in Rebel Inc’s missions are based on these four regions:

  • Fallujah (in western Iraq) – an area with few civilians and a high terrorist threat. It’s also one of the most dangerous places to be at any time of year. Rebels have been fighting against ISIS here for years and there isn’t much hope for peace anytime soon because many people still believe that their cause is justifiable even if it means sacrificing other lives too early on in the game’s timeline (or later).
  • Baghdad (central Iraq) – not as dangerous as Fallujah but still not ideal because there are so many civilians around who might get caught up in the crossfire between rebels and government-aligned forces if conflict breaks out again between them over smaller issues like power outages or fights over territory rights etcetera…

3 Unique Governors with Distinct Strengths

You’re going to be playing as the very first governor in the game. These governors are unique and have different strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. They also have their own individual skills that make them stand out from each other. Here are some of those traits:

  • The Governor of Georgia is a good leader who is well respected by his people; he has a lot of charisma and can inspire others with his words or just by being around him!
  • The Governor from South Carolina has an intense personality, but this can also lead him into making bad decisions sometimes because he’ll overreact when things get tough (for example: attacking someone without provocation). If you want someone who’s more calm-headed than most people in your party then this might not be right for you personally.”

5 Advisors, each with their own agenda to support you – or undermine you!

  • Advisors can be helpful, but they’re also a source of trouble.
  • Each advisor has their own agenda to support or undermine you.
  • Some advisors use bribes and blackmail to gain their ends, while others have been killed for more sinister reasons.

In-Game News Feed giving real time feedback on how the fight against the insurgents is progressing

The in-game news feed is a way of keeping track of the progress of the war. It shows you how many ARU units are deployed in each region, and also how many insurgent attacks there have been.

The news feed updates every 24 hours, so you’ll always be up to date with what’s happening on your planet!

14 Different Policies to help control the political situation in your province

You’re the governor of your province, and you have to make some tough decisions. You have to balance civilian needs with military needs. Some policies are more popular than others, so if you want your people to have a good life then it’s important that you choose wisely when creating new laws and policies.

In Rebel Inc Mod Apk there are 14 different policies available for choosing from:

  • Happy Hour – This policy reduces crime by making it harder for criminals and gangsters to find places where they can commit crimes without getting caught. If this option is chosen then people will be less likely to get involved in criminal activities like murder or robbery at night because they don’t want anyone else to know what they’re doing!
  • Give Me Liberty – This policy allows citizens living in your province who don’t pay taxes at all (which means no income tax) but still receive government services from other provinces including education funding etcetera). The idea behind this one was “give me liberty or give me death!” meaning if someone doesn’t want freedom then let them die.

The war is ‘over’ – but we all know that doesn’t mean anything. To stabilize the country, you’re going to need a carefully balanced mix of military and civilian efforts

The war is ‘over’ but we all know that doesn’t mean anything. To stabilize the country, you’re going to need a carefully balanced mix of military and civilian efforts.

Military efforts are needed to defeat the insurgents; civilian efforts are needed to keep the peace. The war is not over, but we can win it if we work together.

Download & Install Rebel Inc Mod Apk

You can download the game on your mobile and your computer, portable computer further. Below is the technique to download and install.

On Android

  • Download the newest Rebel Inc Mod Apk from the above link.
  • Please wait till the file is downloaded, then open it.
  • Go to the settings and allow installation from “Unknown Source”.
  • Follow the directions within.
  • Install the Mod Apk file on your Android device.
  • Start and enjoy the game for free.

On Laptop & PC

  • Download the Bluestacks application by typing Bluestacks on any of the search engines.
  • After downloading Bluestacks, install this application on your computer
  • When the installation is complete, open Bluestacks by double-clicking the icon.
  • Look out for the Bluestacks program on the highest and sort in their “Rebel Inc”.
  • Click on the install button and watch for jiffy for the Bluestacks mortal to put this game on your computer
  • Now attend Bluestacks->My Apps.
  • There you may notice the Rebel Inc Icon.
  • Press that icon and begin enjoying the game.


The IncGamers team is excited to see you in the game! We hope you have as much fun playing Rebel Inc Mod Apk as we had to make it. In Rebel Inc, you will be able to use AI that is adaptive and responsive. It responds to your strategies and takes into account civilian reactions. Your actions will have an impact on the way your AI works, which means it will adapt as you play.

What's new

The Spring Cleaning Update!

Bug fixes, balance tweaks and a whole bunch of feature improvements.

Heaps of bugs fixed across menus, gameplay and visuals.
Balance changes to Concerns, the Warlord, the General, Opium Trail, Insurgents, Campaign mode, Golden Sands and more!
Various quality of Life improvements!

For the full changelog, go visit our website:



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