PhD, Postdoc and Academic Scholarship Salary in the UK

Ph.D. Students’ Salaries in the UK:

Ph.D. salaries differ significantly from academic salaries in the United Kingdom. It varies based on the source of funding, including scholarships, research grants, and studentships. Depending on their funding source, Ph.D. students in the United Kingdom can earn between £17,000 and £20,000 per year, according to the most recent data from FindaPhD.

In the majority of cases, Ph.D. students are paid a stipend rather than a salary, which is tax-free. However, some Ph.D. candidates may earn more, especially if they are funded by research councils or the private sector.

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Postdoc Salaries in the UK:

Postdoctoral salaries vary based on their degree of experience and the nature of their research. Depending on their degree of experience, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) reports that postdoctoral research assistants can earn between £26,715 and £33,199 per year. In some instances, postdocs may earn a higher salary if they receive a fellowship or are funded by industry.

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Lecturer Salaries in the UK (Assistant Professor):

Typically, lecturers are newly-PhD-educated academics at the outset of their careers. The University and College Union (UCU) reports that the initial salary for a lecturer in the United Kingdom ranges between £33,797 and £41,526 per year, depending on the institution and location. In prestigious universities, Lecturers (Assistant Professors) can earn as much as £53,000 per year.

Senior Lecturer Salaries (Associate Professor) in the UK:

Academics with several years of experience as lecturers who have demonstrated distinction in teaching and research are Senior Lecturers. According to the UCU, the annual starting compensation for a Senior Lecturer in the United Kingdom ranges from £43,267 to £54,765 depending on the institution and location.

Similar to lectureships, the maximum limit of the salary can be significantly higher and can reach £64,000 per year at the most prestigious institutions.

Professor Salaries in the UK:

Professors are the most senior academics in universities, and their responsibilities typically include leading research initiatives, teaching, and mentoring junior colleagues. In the United Kingdom, a professor’s initial salary is typically greater than that of a Senior Lecturer. According to the UCU, a Professor’s starting compensation in the United Kingdom ranges between £60,905 and £69,440 per year, depending on the institution and location.

Please note that professorships are typically divided into three pay scales. This is the entry-level salary, which can reach up to £100,000 per year. In addition, if professors are recruited for a top executive management position, their annual salary can reach several hundred thousand pounds (extremely competitive).

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1# Academic Salary at the University of Oxford:

The annual salary range for Grade 8 Assistant Professors is £41,526 to £49,553. Annual salaries for Associate Professors (Grade 9) range between £52,559 and £63,078. The annual compensation for Professors (Grade 10) ranges from £65,362 to £157,277. Details can be found on the home page of the University of Oxford.

2# Academic Salary at the University of Cambridge:

The annual remuneration range for Assistant Professors (Grade 9) is between £44,414 and £63,059. The salary range for Associate Professors (Grade 10) is £59,450 to £68,891 per year. The annual salary range for Professors (Grade 11) is £66,890 to £199,322 per year. You can find the detailed Pascale at the University of Cambridge on their home page.

3# Academic Salary at Imperial College London:

The annual remuneration range for Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professors) is £62,768 to £65,484. The salary range for Reader (Associate Professors) begins at £73,806 per year. Finally, the minimum salary for Professors is £84,491 per year. You can find details on the webpage of ICL.

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