Peking University Free Online Chinese Course

A free online Chinese course called “Chinese for Beginners” is being offered by Peking University. The course is completely free and offered online. The course covers the vocabulary, grammar, communication, and speech of Chinese at the basic level. Xiaoyu Liu, an associate professor at Peking University, instructs the course. Everyone who wants to learn the Chinese language should take this course. Chinese is regarded as a crucial language as China develops as a corporate center and trade grows daily. The world will soon be molded by Chinese people, so now is the ideal moment to learn the language in order to communicate effectively.

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Beijing, China is home to Peking University, a research institution. It belongs to the group of Chinese institutions known as the C9 League. The Guangxu Emperor founded it in 1898. One of the best universities in China has continuously been Peking University. In the Times Higher World Universities Ranking, it comes in at number 16. It is well-known not only for its academic achievements but also for the excellence of its departments and traditional Chinese architecture.

One of the most commonly used languages in the world, Chinese is also the official tongue of China, a nation that is fast becoming a global economic giant. Learning Chinese can therefore open up a variety of employment prospects and cultural encounters for students. This will be especially useful for students who wish to interact with Chinese people back home or who want to study abroad in China.

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Students typically have limited finances, making pricey language lessons unaffordable. Free courses may be a great way to get started learning any skill or language and can also show people whether they are interested in learning more and committing more time to that particular talent or language. Free online courses might also be more flexible than courses that cost money. It is advantageous for those with hectic schedules that learners can switch between lessons at their own pace and according to their timetable.

Chinese Course Syllabus

The course is divided into seven weeks; you will learn:

  1. Who Are You?
  2. When Do You Go To School?
  3. What Do You Like to Eat?
  4. I Like Shopping!
  5. Do You Live in a Big City?
  6. How About the Weather?
  7. What is Your Hobby?

Scholarships Details:

  • Funding Type: Fully funded
  • Region: Online

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Anyone can enroll in this course and benefit from it.
  • Since it is an introductory course, there are no requirements.
  • To sign up for this course, you must have an internet connection.
  • To study Chinese, someone must be interested in doing so.
  • Everyone can take the course for free because it is available to students everywhere.


  • There is no cost to enroll in the course, either.
  • Learn how to converse in one of the world’s most extensively used languages.
  • Acquire useful language abilities in Chinese, including grammar, speech, and communication.
  • Learn some fundamental Chinese language.
  • As you please, switch back and forth.

Conditions for the Free Chinese Course:

  • Xiaoyu Liu, an associate professor at Peking University’s School of Chinese As A Second Language, is the instructor for this course.
  • The duration of the course is roughly 21 hours.
  • Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Urdu, Russian, Thai, English, Spanish, Marathi, and Polish are all included in the course’s list of available subtitles in addition to English.
  • only taking classes online.

Application Process:

  • Registration is really easy. To apply today, click the button below.
  • Register for a Coursera account or sign in with an existing one.
  • Click “Enroll for Free” to get started studying.
  • By choosing the module or lesson, you can begin the course right away.


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