Monster Hunter Rise PC Complete Walkthrough Guide | 2022

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Monster Hunter Rise PC Introduction

Monster Hunter Rise PC Walkthrough: Monster Hunter Rise PC is now available on Nintendo Switch. Rise “strikes an impressively delicate balance” between the styles of classic Monster Hunter and the newer Monster Hunter: World, according to our friends at GamesRadar+.

And we are looking forward to experiencing that mix for ourselves when Monster Hunter for PC. When is the big question? Monster Hunter Rise, like Monster Hunter World before it, will be released on PC. However, it will be a long wait. Here’s all we know about Monster Hunter Rise for the PC edition.

When will Monster Hunter Rise be released on PC?

Monster Hunter Rise for PC is coming in early 2022, according to Capcom, and is currently “still very much in progress.”

Monster Hunter Rise PC Complete Walkthrough Guide | 2022

Monster Hunter Rise PC Walkthrough Guide

That’s a big difference. Monster Hunter: World Game was released on consoles in January 2018, with the PC version following six and a half months later in August. That’s at least a ten-month wait if Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay is released on PC in early 2022. Why does it seem to be taking this too long? According to leaks from late last year, Capcom and Nintendo addressed Monster Hunter Rise exclusivity terms. However, it’s possible that this PC port would take a lot longer than Monster Hunter: World.

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Will PC Requirement Monster Hunter Rise have?

Despite some early problems. The PC version was much better than the console version. World clocked in at under 30 frames per second on the base consoles and about Forty frames /second on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The PC release was challenging to run at 1080p, 60 fps 2018 hardware at peak settings.

Still, the unlocked frame rate meant powerful rigs could drive the game well beyond the console version’s performance and graphics quality. Later, Capcom released a high-resolution texture pack for PC. Which significantly improved the blurry low-res weapon and clothing textures.

Capcom will have to apply this care to the entire game in rising. The Rise was designed to look nice at the Switch’s handheld 720p or docked 1080p (currently runs at 960×540 or 1344756 before being upscale). Even though today’s PCs are vastly more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. How well can that translate to a PC version capable of running at up to 4K resolution?

Monster Hunter Rise PC Gameplay

Capcom had a reasonably straightforward job when it came to porting World to the PC. Monster Hunter Rise PC was designed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The World had some problems when it first came out—it was CPU intensive. And the UI didn’t translate perfectly to the mouse and keyboard. A fan patch by well-known modder Kaldaien supported World’s CPU load and prevented alt-tab crashes. Capcom did keep patching World over time, polishing the PC release to a fine shine and obviating the need for patches like Kaldaien’s.

I’m confident that Monster Hunter Rise PC Walkthrough would look fantastic on PC. Rise, like Monster Hunter: World, is based on Capcom’s RE Engine. Which was also used in Resident Evil 7, as well as the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. Over the last few years, Capcom has shown how adaptable the RE Engine is. So, it would make sense for all of Rising’s assets to be built with a higher fidelity PC release in mind.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Complete Walkthrough Guide | 2022


Capcom was already working to release the Monster Hunter Rise PC Walkthrough. According to leaks from last November. The Rise was programmed with potential mouse/keyboard customization. And UI navigation in mind and uncapped framerates and resolutions higher than 1080p. Texture filtering, anti-aliasing, V-Sync options, anisotropic filtering, and fullscreen/windowed/borderless options are among the graphical features expected in a Monster Hunter Rise for a PC release. According to the leaks.

None of this is shocking for a PC game being produced in 2020. But it is still cool to see the fundamentals of a Nintendo Switch port is also planned. Monster Hunter Rise can take a long time to launch in the market. But it should be the best version of it once it does. And, hopefully, it’ll come with all of Capcom’s Rise on Switch updates expected for the coming year.

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