LESCO Paid Internship Program 2023


The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) offers an exciting opportunity for students and young professionals to gain valuable industry experience through its Paid Internship Program. This note provides a comprehensive overview of the LESCO Paid Internship Program, outlining key subheadings to help interested individuals understand the program’s details and benefits.

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Location Pakistan
Organization LESCO
Gender No Preference
Qualifications Final year students of Masters or BS
no of vacancies 100
Job posted May-2023
Age No specified

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1. About LESCO:

– Brief introduction to LESCO as a prominent electric supply company in Lahore, Pakistan.
– Overview of LESCO’s mission, vision, and commitment to delivering reliable electricity services.
– Mention LESCO’s role in the socio-economic development of the region.

2. Purpose and Benefits of the Internship Program:

– Explanation of the purpose behind LESCO’s Paid Internship Program.
– Emphasis on the benefits of the program for interns, including hands-on experience, skill development, networking opportunities, and exposure to the power sector.
– Highlighting the value of a paid internship, and providing financial support to interns during their participation.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

– Detailed eligibility requirements for the LESCO Paid Internship Program.
– Mention the target audience, such as university students, recent graduates, or young professionals.
– Requirements regarding academic background, degree programs, and minimum GPA.

4. Internship Duration and Schedule:

– Overview of the internship duration and schedule.
– Mention of the specific start and end dates of the program.
– Explanation of the working hours, including weekdays or weekends, and any flexible arrangements.

5. Areas of Internship:

– Description of the various departments or areas where interns can gain experience.
– Examples of potential areas: operations, maintenance, customer services, finance, engineering, human resources, information technology, and more.
– Mention the opportunity to select preferences based on individual interests and career goals.

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6. Application Process:

– Step-by-step guide on how to apply for the LESCO Paid Internship Program.
– Mention the official channels for submitting applications, such as the LESCO website or designated email address.
– Explanation of the required documents, including a resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts.

7. Selection Criteria:

– Overview of the selection criteria used by LESCO to choose interns.
– Mention of factors considered, such as academic performance, relevant skills, personal attributes, and interview performance.
– Emphasis on the importance of a well-crafted application and showcasing relevant experiences.

8. Compensation and Benefits:

– Explanation of the compensation and benefits provided to interns.
– Highlighting that the internship is a paid program, ensuring financial support for interns.
– Mention additional benefits, such as mentorship opportunities, access to company facilities, and certificates upon successful completion.

9. Internship Evaluation and Feedback:

– Description of the evaluation process during the internship period.
– Mention feedback mechanisms, including regular assessments and constructive feedback from supervisors.
– Emphasis on the opportunity for interns to learn, grow, and improve their skills based on feedback received.

10. Future Employment Opportunities:

– Mention the potential for future employment opportunities with LESCO.
– Highlighting that exceptional interns may be considered for permanent or contractual positions based on their performance and availability.
– Encouragement for interns to make the most of the internship as a stepping stone to a successful career in the power sector.


The LESCO Paid Internship Program provides a valuable opportunity for students and young professionals to gain hands-on experience and develop skills in the power sector. Through this comprehensive program, interns can benefit from financial support, networking opportunities, and exposure to various departments within LESCO. By following the application process and meeting the eligibility criteria, individuals can kickstart their careers and contribute to the growth and development of Lahore’s electric supply services.

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