How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Instagram | Guide

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If Someone Blocked Your Instagram

It is so easy to connect on social media platforms. But it’s also very easy and quick to block someone on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Users can hide their selves from another person on Instagram due to the blocking system of this app.

They will be removed from your follower list if you block an account. It becomes hard to find the profile. Along with that, all the tags, comments, and likes will remain no longer visible to them. You will get any notification regarding blocking your account. Therefore, it seems very tricky to find whether you are blocked or someone deactivated the account. 

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Instagram | Guide

Some Ways to Know if Someone Blocks You on Instagram

Search on Instagram

The first step to knowing if someone blocks you are to take a search for their profile. You will be able to see their posts if the profile is public. On other hand, for a private account, a clear declaration will provide about the private account. You can send the following request to check the eligibility. If the profile does not appear at all, it means that the account has been deleted. Instagram does not remove old tags and comments from your profile if you get blocked by someone. 

Search in a Browser

Instagram profile link related to everyone’s profile is on any browser. Search out for user name, if an error message occurs after logging in, then you have likely been blocked. There is another way to search for an account. You have to log out of your account first, then perform a search in the incognito account. 

Check Your Message

Instagram hides all previous messages that you had with that person after you have been blocked from the account. You need to check out your group messages if want to know whether the account has been deactivated or deleted. One of the straightest ward ways is to check from another account. You can easily detect it through your second account. 

No Update to Profile Photo

If some of your contact numbers blocked you, you will no longer be eligible to see their profile updates. You can not even attempt to place a call to the contact if blocked on the account. All the messages will always show one check-mark. Just look for the last seen in the chat window. Blocked accounts will not be able to see them online in the chat bar.

You can look up an account on a web browser, or text that person to find out whether you are blocked or not. This option leads to the risk of possibility to block your number. There might be multiple reasons why someone has blocked you. It might be possible; they feel insecure because you so they have blocked you to protect themselves. The best way to check is to look up from another Instagram account.

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Instagram | Guide

It will be confirmed if you can perfectly see the profile from another account. This app provides you a side button on the profile to message, the next person will not be able to receive your message when you have been blocked from their side. When you receive only one tick mark after sending a message to someone, it means the message has been sent perfectly but has not been seen yet. The single blue arrows turn into a double when contact will see it.

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Instagram provides the best conservation option as it allows you to stop receiving messages from the person you want. We hope that you got the answer to the question How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Instagram. The best to find out is to search from another account. When it becomes sure that the user has been blocked, then you should avoid disturbing them again. The above list provides many ways to confirm that you are blocked from another user on Instagram.

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