How to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop – Easy Ways

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Play PUBG on PC or Laptop

First of all, we have to download and install the Tencent gaming buddy emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop from chrome. Tencent gaming buddy emulator is also called Tencent gaming assistant or game loop. Tencent develops it. It is specially made to play some famous Android games on Windows PC, including Pubg, auto chess, and many more Tencent gaming buddy emulator is viruses-free and 100 percent safe. We can change language from setting for a better understanding, as most people are not aware of Chinese as the Chinese make it.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop -Easy Ways

How to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop

  • Install it on your personal computer and laptop when the game loop is downloaded.
  • After the completion of installation, press “start” and wait until the emulator downloads all the essential files (will download them automatically)
  • After completing the initial setup, you have to download pubg on your pc and laptop.
  • Downloading of pubg will take some time because it is a heavy file.
  • Once it is done, an icon will appear on your screen.
  • Players have different choices to customize Various weapon categories with ultimate settings.
  • That’s all you have to do to install it on your pc and laptop.
  • Now firstly, you have to make your account on pubg for playing.
  • After creating an account, you can start playing games from the emulator pop-up menu.
  • You have to make a team with your friends to play this game.
  • You can also make the team with unknowns playing from different countries and your own country.
  • You can chat with them and make new friends from all over the world.

Specfications of PUBG Mobile for PC

  • Pubg (unknown player battlegrounds) is the most played online game globally. It has more than 20 million active players right now. Pubg can be played on the pc as well as a laptop.
  • We can attach a keyboard and mouse to the laptop to convince you to play this game easily.
  • Pubg requires 30GB of space on laptop and pc.
  • Playing pubg on a mobile phone is fun but playing it on pc and laptop makes it more fun and exciting.
  • You can change or adjust settings according to your likes and requirements.
  • You can select yourself in the game, and the appearance, which represents you in the game.
  • There are a variety of weapons in the game.
  • You can choose different weapons according to your liking.
  • Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages; similarly, PUBG also has advantages as well as disadvantages.
  • Advantages are we can learn to focus on different things more actively.
  • If you are an active player of PUBG, it will increase your focus further.
  • Another advantage is teamwork or team coordination.
  • You can learn how to manage yourself with a bunch of other peeps.
  • If you are a pro in the game, you can also take it as a better career option by streaming live on YouTube and earning a good amount for yourself.
How to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop -Easy Ways

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Pubg Game Versatility

We can get full entertainment by sitting at home easily there are some disadvantages, given below. Pubg is such an attractive game. It attracts audiences towards itself. People become addicted to it, which has several effects on our health and leads to several issues that could be mentally or physically. Moreover, if you spend a lot of your time playing this game,

You can have nightmares about it because it is related to killing or fighting opponents. Pubg consumes so much battery, so it can also affect the battery of androids. Staring on a mobile phone, pc, or laptop can affect your eyesight too. Children who spend most of their time pub can also lose interest or concentration in their studies. One of the most realistic and major mechanics of the shooting is the player unknown’s battleground.

This shooting is intact with various recoil and all weapons with multiple characteristic features that are more fascinating. Player Unknown’s battleground is one of the best battle royal games, which offers an extraordinary shooting experience. According to a campaign’s figures, various countries ranked as per their playing percentage, India with 19%, China with 24%, and the united states with 12%.


How to Play PUBG Mobile on a PC or Laptop: PUBG mobile provides great graphics for multiplayer shooters. The gameplay lets the players handle the most tragic and intense fights for their defense during EPIC 100-player battles. You are free to play individually and with teammates to become the last standing ranger. Thrilling 4v4 deathmatch and terrifying zombies are two featuring modes to become king of royal battle. Now you don’t need to upgrade your system to run PUBG. Instead, you can directly boot up PUBG mobile on PC and laptop. Hassle-free gameplay helps you to keep the focus on winning the game.

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