How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram | In Few Steps

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Find if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

You might have no idea but many social media applications and many instant messaging applications like Instagram, what’s the app, Facebook never give you a notification if someone suddenly blocks you out of any reason. And you want to know How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram. This is both beneficial and problematic. Beneficial in the sense that if you block someone who might be an unknown annoying person.

Then he might try to use other accounts on the spot to reach you in case he got the blocking notification. On the other, if your favorite person somehow blocks you and you get no notification then it might be disturbing later. So you must want to find a way that helps you in knowing hat whether a person had blocked you or not. If so then let us explore some ways. So that you can no longer have mini false heart attacks on seeing no communication from your favorite person.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram | In Few Steps

Steps How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Search for the Profile of that Person

One of the most common and easiest ways is to look out for the profile of that person in the Instagram search bar. You can easily use the person’s Instagram name and press the search button. If you become successful in finding the contact and you can easily view the contact’s information and feeds then it means that you were having a fake mini heart attack.

But in case you become successful in viewing the profile of that person. But you are unable to look at their feeds and posts then you can guess they have blocked you. Lastly, if your search does not give any results at all. Then there are higher chances that you have been blocked by the person. Or there is a possibility that the person has completely deactivated the account from Instagram.

Have a Look at the Profile

If you have been communicating with this person before this problem, then you must have some of the chats in your Instagram inbox with him. Open this chat and try to view the profile from here. You will enter the profile easily. Once you get access to the profile, have a look at the posts and other activities. If you can see the post count and posts both then the person had not blocked you. But in case you can only view the post count and not the posts then they have blocked you.

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Use the Person’s Username

There is a chance that you remember the person’s username which will be helpful for you. Instagram has allowed its users that you can search a profile using any browser like Google by a small link that is

So, you should avail of this facility and try to reach out to the profile of the person using this link. You just have to add your required username in place of username and then search for the profile. In case that the browser you have used, is logged in to Instagram with your username. Then you will get a sorry message which means that you are blocked by that person.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram | In Few Steps

Message Thread Loss

Sometimes when a person blocks you or deactivates his account. The chats and messages which were transferred between you can disappear which is a clear indication that the person has blocked you. So to clear out your doubt you can just open your Instagram and check out for the chats. In case the chats are still there then you can feel relaxed because the person has not blocked you. Although if unfortunately the chats are already disappeared then there are high chances that you have been blocked.

Try Using another Mobile or Account

Another thing that can tell you is whether you are blocked or not. And you will have no more doubt is using another mobile or account to visit the profile of that person. If you get successful in reaching the profile of that person from another account. Then it means that you are blocked.


You can know the answer to the question that how to Know if Someone Blocked you on Instagram by following these simple steps. Go to the person’s profile and click their name in one of your mutual connections’ posts. If they have not been blocked. It should bring them up as a suggested user that you could follow or send an inbox message to.

To see if they’ve been blocked go into their Bio section and look for “following”. It will say either “yes” or “no”. For example, I am blocking people who are using my posts without permission so under my bio it says “No” which means anyone who is trying to follow me would be unable to do so because I haven’t given approval (or accepted) them as a follower.

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