GOD of War Walkthrough Complete Guide | Tips & Tricks

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GOD of War Walkthrough Guide

GOD of War Walkthrough: You’re about to embark on one of the most intense, adrenaline-fueled video game journeys ever. Guide yourself through this complete strategy guide and walkthrough that will lead you from opening seconds all way up until credits roll. Complete with strategies for every region including paths taken by enemies or chests found along in them. A list of collectibles such as Artifacts & Nornir Chests.

Plus tips based on what type of foes are encountered during different parts of your adventure (I’ll teach ya how not to get killed!). It doesn’t stop at just telling where things can be gotten within God Of War either-I’m also going over ways these items. The side quests in GOD of War Walkthrough are extensive. To see a list of all the favors, go to our comprehensive guide for regions not related to your journey. And get more information on secondary areas.

Walkthrough GOD of War

With the game set to launch in just a few days, we have prepared this guide and walkthrough. This will be an extensive resource that includes step-by-step instructions for completing every quest on your journey. Through Tamriel as well as solutions if you find yourself stuck at any point along the way.

In addition, there are individual guides providing detailed information about crucial aspects of gameplay like combat tactics. Or character development options which can save a lot’s time. When figuring out what works best with one’s particular playstyle (if indeed they even know).

GOD of War Walkthrough Complete Guide | Tips & Tricks

God of War PSX Walkthrough

The story of God of War is an amazing journey. It begins as Kratos, a Greek god with anger management issues. And a vendetta against Olympus who has finally been defeated by his father Ares in game one. Now he must live on earth among humans. Where they cannot understand what it’s like to be raised under such heightened circumstances all day every single night.

While being trained for death at any moment so you know whether or not this will sound familiar. Deep breath into lungs then exhale slowly laughs nervously. Anyway! He wanders through various regions looking for meaning until eventually meeting another greek mythology figure named Athena (maybe more than just “one”). He teaches him ways outside combat such as crafting new weapons from raw materials. As a result, our walkthrough here is to the main story in order.

Exploration, Distractions & Maps

If you go from one objective to another without branching off then we’ll note anything. That can be picked up along the way like collectibles or shrines (even if they’re hidden).

If instead of following us exactly as written above by starting at point A and ending with B-you want more freedom over how long it takes for your character’s progress through given areas. Before moving onto new ones entirely-, feel free to explore everything on their own time either. Because there are distractions outside which make exploring difficult work better than ever before.

God of War Walkthrough PSX Tips

  • If you’re not skilled with a weapon, it’s going to be tough for you. That said just using your ax or hands won’t work either. Because some enemies are immune and others will die faster. When hit by certain attacks over time than if they were bashed in the head repeatedly until dead (or something). Mixing things up is key here.
  • God of War Walkthrough has several abilities that can be set up in a variety of ways. One ability to use on enemies is the paralyzing attack and another whose damage affects all nearby creatures.
  • Which makes clearing out crowds much easier! You should also keep this character equipped with an ultimate weapon power-up when facing larger bosses because they’ll need every advantage they can get against such powerful foes.
  • Knowing the best way to defeat enemies isn’t always easy, but there are some tips in this article that could come in handy. For example, I learned you can freeze flying ones so they stay grounded and make them easier for me combo.

Extended Tips for Combats

  • There are a few different ways to take out enemies. One way is by kick-fending off frozen foes and then knocking them back into other adversaries, but you can also break their icy shields with your bare hands if they’re close enough so that both weapons come in handy.
  • When you’re over-run by enemies on an elevated surface like a cliff or rooftops, it’s best to take them out with your ax. You can use this technique even if the other person does not have any armor because freezing beforehand deals massive damage and makes getting rid of pesky flying foes easy.
  • Atreus is a hell of an annoyance to any bad guy, but you know he’ll always have your back. The voice should be informational with tones that are lighthearted and humorous.
  • Smashing pots are an important part of any treasure hunt. If you’re lucky, it will reward your main resource and provide some helpful info for the quest ahead.
GOD of War Walkthrough Complete Guide | Tips & Tricks

Further More Tips & Tricks

You’re going to want a light ax if you plan on throwing it at something, but there are other ways for certain types of weapons that require more finesse. Throw one weapon into an area and move away from the target before recalling your throw with another movement or two. So, when return throws an object is thrown again in a different direction than intended. Because this will give off some unexpected results.

When you’re in a fight, it’s best to dodge and block. You’ll be frequently attacked by crowds of enemies or big ones that have attacks that need to be well clear of. So, keep your distance with quick steps then immediately counterattack when they miss. It might seem like all-out button smashing isn’t really an option but using timings between hits can set up some perfect combos for a decisive victory over pesky foes. A good time idea is dodging whenever possible because this sets up devastating counterattacks against unsuspecting victims.


It’s always wise to keep one’s wits about them in battle and not get caught without a way out. This is in Gthe OD of War Walkthrough especially true when you’re fighting multiple enemies. But even if it only seems like 1 or 2 others are coming. There could very well be more around the corner with their sights trained on yer’ fool head. Get ready for some smackdown because by then your rage bar will have filled back up again so all bets may as well go Double-Or.

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