Gecenin Ucunda Episode 22 with English subtitles

Gecenin Ucunda: Episode 22 Trailer and Synopsis

Gecenin Ucunda (At The End of The Night) gets a brand-new trailer for episode 22! In the last scene, Macide and Nejat work together to disclose Nazli’s true identity. What transpired in the March 28th episode? Details are provided below.


Everyone will be glued to the screen for Gecenin Ucunda, which will capture the audience’s attention and appreciation with its strong cast and subject. New episodes of Gecenin Ucunda air on Star TV every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. As soon as the new Gecenin Ucunda episode 22 trailer is released, it will be available on our page.


“Gecenin Ucunda,” which premiered on STAR and was adapted from the same-titled book by Peride Celal, is about Macide. who is tested by love on her journey to discover herself and enters a world she has never seen before. who cannot be satisfied in her professional life and strives to heal others.

How did the last episode turn out?

Together, Macide and Nejat expose Nazli’s true identity. On the other side, when Kazm found out what Nazl had done, he was furious. Everyone is aware that Nazli was the one to both hide Nermin and reveal the footage of Ermin and Cihangir. Kazm is entirely focused on Nejat while Macide is still dealing with the effects of everything that has happened. Kazm will make every effort to keep Nejat out of their lives because he is almost positive that he loves Macide.