Free Xbox 360 Games Complete List | Latest 2022

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Top Best Free Xbox 360 Games

Free Xbox 360 games are one of the most demanding and revolutionary gaming consoles of all time. You can download and play them for free. Some freebie options help you to install Xbox 360 without purchasing them. Try to download those series which are easily available on the Xbox store. Use Xbox store demos and live game services with a gold subscription. After that, you can play Xbox free games by using trial accounts. Hence, there are multiple great games that players can play on Xbox 360 games free of cost.

Free Xbox 360 Games Complete List

Let’s have look at some of xbox 360 Free Games


The fantastic crackdown is one of the best and most popular action games, which was released in 2007. This series has won so many recognitions and awards. The game has also achieved great commercial success by getting the highest rank in the market at the sale of 1.5 million copies within a year.

Therefore, the storyline revolves around Pacific city. Players the character of an agent, who completes several campaigns against town criminals. They will have to fight against the syndicates of town and keep the city crime-free. Moreover, some criminal gangs are also present in the city. Crackdown offers engaging gameplay and amazing graphics to its players.

Resident Evil Revelation 2

Resident evil revelation 2 is a first-person survival horror video game, first developed by Capcom. For the first time, the game has launched Barry Burton and the STARS Alpha team’s weapons as players. All the cut scenes cover the main story of Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. The gameplay highly emphasizes exploration and horror over cation. You can easily find a path from the first boss fight battle. In addition, players can also find some bonus objectives, keys, and collectibles files during their missions.

Life Is Strange Episode 1

This game is another well-ranked and highly acclaimed video game. Life Is Strange Episode 1 offers episodic gameplay that makes it unique and more adventurous than the others. So, players can get only the first version of the game for free.

The game follows the story of Max Caulfield who is a photography senior. The game offers a detailed view of taboos. Players can cover several taboos and get influenced by multiple objectives. Awesome background music along with hand-painted visual effects is pretty commendable. Featured with all advanced techniques, life Is Strange Episode 1 is one of the great options for gamers.

Free Xbox 360 Games Complete List

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Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight

Frozen Free Fall: snow Fight is based on the amazing Disney media Franchise Frozen. However, Frozen is a very unique and famous girl across the globe. This series is quite apt for people who love playing matching puzzle games. Players have to complete more than 375 levels. You are also free to play with other Disney characters as the game can also switch into multiplayer mode. Players get several fights, puzzles, and exciting characters along with this multiplayer mode.

Destroy All Humans

This is an action-adventure game purely based on pop culture, lifestyle, and politics of the united states during the 1960s. Destroy All Human is designed as a spoof for all alien invasion Hollywood films of the era. This is one of those rare alien invasion games that the players play as per the alien’s perspective. However, they do not have to save from the alien world in Xbox live gold game. Players can play as characters of Cryptosporidium 137 to save them from the alien world. Moreover, developers have also created many sequels to Destroy All Human games.


These are some of the most amazing games. Those players who are in search of cost-effective gaming series can have look at free games on Xbox 360. These games are available on the play store free of cost. Xbox 360 offers a vibrant experience to players. This series is relatively cheaper than the fourth-generation Xbox gaming console. If you want to experience all the best free Xbox 360 games, we have provided a list of games that are available for free. 

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