Fedakar Episode 2 with English Subtitles

Fedakar Episode 2 with English Subtitles


Who plays what roles in Fedakar (The Devoted)? How about the summary? A new daily series on Kanal 7 is described in detail here. The Fedakar series will start when? Fedakar is being filmed where? These are the specifics

Kanal 7’s daily series helps it to maintain its reputation. With the interest in the serials it has shown recently, the channel has recently demonstrated that it made the proper move towards daily serials. TV shows like Elif, Emanet, Yemin, Esaret, and Kan içekleri garnered interest in Turkey as well as many other nations. In actuality, the Emanet series’ major stars started to overtake other Turkish actors in terms of popularity.

The Kanal 7 television network hit the button to start a new daily series because they want to see this scene continue. The series is still being filmed. The channel’s official social media pages also reposted the promotional video. The investigation of the series’ information then started. We have therefore written an article that provides you with details on the series. a. The……………… We talked about specifics like the cast members and the plot summary.


Elif, who lost her mother when she was very little, is a loving sister who looks after her brothers Sefer and Narin. Elif has a challenging existence; she loses her younger sister Narin and is left with only Sefer. Although the two boys are clinging to one another, Elif is shocked to learn that her sister Sefer is accused of killing the victim. After the murder of his beloved older sister, Tark’s pleasant and serene life as the sole heir to Karaca Holding, one of the few businesses in Turkey, is abruptly upended.


Sürec Film, which also produces the Üç Sisters television series, is the producer of the new daily series Fedakar on Kanal 7. Surec Film, which has produced successful works, is currently working on its Fedakar series preparations. The Fedakar television series’ script was written by Mehmet Uyar. The series will be led by zgür Pak in the director’s chair.


Berkay Veli as Tarık

The sole successor to Karaca Holding, Tark, will be portrayed by Berkay Veli. Berkay Veli Fedakar, who was born in Ankara in 1993, assumed the title role in the series. The Fedakar TV series’ male lead actor, Berkay Veli, has previously appeared in daily programs. In the television show Elimi Birakma, Berkay Veli had a prior role. self-sacrificing daily series by berkay veli

Aybüke Yılmaz as Elif

The part of Elif will be played by Aybüke Ylmaz. A young girl named Elif lost her mother. Sefer and Narin, her brothers, are cared for by her. The latest series by Aybuke Yilmaz

Dogac Meriçliler

Dogac Meriçliler attended the theatre program at Yeditepe University. dogac hopes mericliler series of selflessness.

Mihriban Er

The Fedakar series will feature Mihriban Er. Mihriban Er, who was born in Istanbul in 1966, played her first acting part in the television program Sabah Saatin Dokuzu. In the TV shows Ayrlsakda Beraberiz, Aln Yazm, Köksüz, Güzel irkin, and Aşkn Bedeli, he played a prominent role. In the television series Yüzyllk Mühür, Bir Zamanlar ukurova, Bir Zamanlar Kbrs, he later appeared.

Kahraman Sivri

Born in Istanbul in 1968, Kahraman Sivri appeared in the television show I Loved Him, Fatih Harbiye. He then appeared in the television shows Aln Yazm, Can Tertip, Kanatsz Kuşlar, and Umudun Kysnda.

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