Esaret episode 72 with english subtitles

Esaret episode 72 with English subtitles

Saadet Will Separate Orhun and Hira!

Hello, Lovers of the series. Exciting scenes began in the series. Love wrapped the chimney officially ❤️and Aunt Saadet took her place as the bad character. In addition, he would separate Hira from Orhun. Moreover, you can leave your comments in the next section of the analysis.

A trailer for Redemption episode 72 has been released! What’s in the 71st episode of Redemption? The series continues with new episodes. Redemption will air on Tuesday, March 22, with its 72nd episode. What happened in the last episode of Redemption, what will happen in the new episode? We have detailed the 70th episode of Redemption in our news. Here’s what’s coming up…

Esaret episode 72 with english subtitles

Redemption, which is one of the most loved and most followed series of Channel 7 screens, is with you.

It’s going to be a mess in the Bondage series next week. Don’t miss the most exciting episodes in the bondage series next week… Hira’s happiness was short-lived! Those who watch it know that! Hira will be devastated when she finds out about Aunt Saadet’s true identity! In addition, it shouldn’t be hard to comprehend that Aunt Saadet hurt Hira’s parents and that she is cruel!

It’s time for Selim to return to Turkey to protect his mother from Hira and Orhun. Since Saadet sees Hira as innocent and pure, she intends to distract her with her smiling face.


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When Orhun reveals that he is not a murderer, Hira will not leave him as he feared. When Eda blows up the murder case, Saadet will take control and take her nephew out of that house.

Redemption Episode 72 Trailer Details Continue! Watch Redemption Tuesday, March 22!

There’s a possibility that Orhun will be jealous of Selim from Hira. Saadet could use Hira to separate Orhun from Hira. Selim and Eda would make a wonderful couple.

In the meantime, Orhun and Eda are finally fighting to the fullest. Eda has realized that Orhun has feelings for Hira. Hira is torn between excitement and fear.

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