Esaret 71 Episode with English Subtitles

Esaret 71 Episode with English Subtitles


On Monday, March 19, the 71st episode of Esaret (Captivity) was shown. Here is the synopsis for the 71st episode of Esaret, which airs on March 19. “Love has been wrapped around the chimney. The teaser implies that Aunt Saadet doesn’t wear sturdy shoes.”

It’s time to watch the 71st episode of Esaret! How will it go? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Esaret will air its 70th episode on Monday, March 20. What happened in the last episode of Esaret, and what will happen in the new episode? Here is a trailer and summary of the 71st episode of Esaret.


Here’s what will happen on Monday, March 20th in Esaret. We’ve got the trailer and summary for the Esaret 71st episode, one of the most loved and most followed Kana 7 screens. Orhun was right. It’s still hiding something, as we expected. Is it about the real Hira, who has been hiding all these years? Or maybe it’s financial issues? Maybe it’s not really still. In the future, Orhun will surely reveal whatever the truth is!


Continuing with the series, we will explore Eda’s trump card, Saadet’s truth, and Hira’s relationship. The two had a good opportunity to think about the “Orhun relationship”. The taste in Orhun’s mouth is gone! One of the coffees came and went. In the coffee excuse Hira scene, it was amazing… it was a great scene especially when she called Hira just for coffee. There is no doubt that Orhun is used to seeing Hira everywhere in his room.


His feelings for Hira started to grow internally. Even though we initially thought he felt sorry for her, love has now taken control of the chimney. It is impossible for someone who has not seen a single step in Eda’s favor with Orhun and who has not even seen a crumb of love to dream of marriage. The man is officially a refrigerator against you! Eda and her mother are so unnecessary to this family.

Hira made an unexpected return that pleasantly surprised both us and Orhun. A heartwarming scene unfolded as Orhun smiled with his coffee while listening to Hira’s story. This particular moment was undoubtedly one of the standout moments in several episodes, leaving us eager for more scenes featuring the duo. Despite feeling like he’s responsible for a murder, Hira expressed gratitude towards Orhun by gifting him her father’s compass – something incredibly valuable to her.


The scene was stunning, with great attention to detail. Eda becomes angry when Hira appears and seeks to take out his frustration on her for the uneaten food he shared with Orhun. Later, in upcoming episodes, Hira will reveal her nails to Eda. Meanwhile, during Kenan’s shooting scene, Meryem’s screams were haunting despite their current relationship troubles. However, it is often said that every cloud has a silver lining. Check out the 71st episode trailer and summary of Esaret here.

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