Earn To Die Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) for Android


Are you ready to drive for your life? The hit online game series that has enjoyed OVER 200 MILLION PLAYS has been revamped and re-engineered for your mobile and tablet, bigger and better than ever before.
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Earn To Die Mod Apk Download

Earn To Die Mod Apk

Earn to Die Mod Apk: You are in the middle of a huge zombie apocalypse, and you will need to fight many Zombies in the desert. To survive, you need to upgrade your car. The game will delight you with good graphics and several modes that will keep you strong for a long time.

In the game, players will find themselves among the few lucky survivors after a devastating catastrophe that has plagued mankind, turning many of its inhabitants into mindless Zombies. There is little you can do about this as you watch others slowly turn into these evil killing machines. Your priority now is to escape the desert areas and make your way to Airfield B-13 so that you can join the other survivors of the emergency exit. Make sure you do not waste time as they are gradually frustrated by Zombies and cannot hold for long. 

Earn To Die Apk (MOD, Unlocked) For Android

It’s time to dump her and move on. Drive through multiple maps and locations as you smash hordes of vicious Zombies ready to tear you to pieces at any moment. Get ready for an unusual and bloody racing game as you ride your racing car through hordes of Zombies in this apocalyptic racing game. Take everything you have and customize the crazy things in your car so you can turn it into a zombie-killing machine.

Get involved in this addictive zombie racing game as you smash the evil Zombies with all kinds of vehicles you can access. Check out the many upgrade options from the garage and turn your ride into a real animal. As you find yourself on your big journey through the rough terrain from the zombie apocalypse, the game also introduces gamers to exciting stories you may not have heard of. Spend days traveling around the country trying your best to avoid the onslaught of Zombies. 

Each day, you will have certain equipment and levels you need to complete to get to the next few days. Moreover, as each day is spent in a world of zombies, you will learn more about it. Players in Earn to Die will find themselves introduced to an access control system that includes simple controls. Make your cars work on the on-screen scroll maps that show all kinds of places. Accelerate and increase your speed with nitro fuel, shooting all your firepower at enemies to knock them down.

Earn to Die Apk Mod Free Download

To help gamers as they cross the land of death in Earn to Die, the game introduces a lot of cars that you can pick up and smash into a zombies line. Each car will have its unique features and capabilities that will make it extremely useful in some situations. Find yourself riding in 8 different cars from a race car, a long-distance truck, to a regular school bus.

In addition, you are also allowed to make some improvements and customize your cars to make them work better while working in certain areas or working with certain zombies. With so many accessible features, you can feel free to design your ride so you can easily deal with zombies. Wear the best tools and weapons to take down the Zombies easily. 

The game includes all types of Zombies, each with its strengths and abilities that can create a big problem for you. Sometimes, you can’t walk hard on them because you can easily get stuck or check your car. That being said, it is important to accept appropriate tactics from certain enemies. They hit before they caused you a problem.

Earn to Die Mod (Unlimited Money)

Find yourself enjoying the realistic and exciting physics featured in the game. Get in your favorite car and ride hordes of Zombies like dummies. Or drive your car after hitting a major obstacle. Introduce powerful rockets so you can easily defeat the Zombies with your attack on a large scale. And as you hear the news from Earn to Die every day.

The game also features action-packed scenes that introduce you to the most intriguing stories. Find yourself enjoying the game even more. And if you wish to test your running and killing zombie skills, you can run to first place in Championship Mode. Compete with other survivors to see who can bring down the many Zombies along the way and finish the race at the best possible time.

Challenge other runners and become the winner in Champions Mode. And if you like, you can also have fun with Halloween Mode where you will find yourself breaking delicious pumpkins on your way. As soon as you think you are satisfied with Zombies, this will give you a lot of fun.

Major Features of Earn to Die Mod Apk

  • Combined with powerful and influential songs and sound effects, game players in Earn to Die will find themselves completely addicted to the game.
  • Have a completely free game with our mod
  • Take on Zombies in Halloween mode
  • Challenge yourself in Heroic Mode
  • The cut-out scenes that sparkle in your journey
  • Realistic physics will have the exact effect of a crash
  • Take all kinds of evil zombies
  • Check out more upgrades and customizations
  • Various pick-up and ride vehicles are out
  • Simple and accurate controls 


The game incorporates simple graphics and an average unique scrolling game that is not unique in any way. However, as you begin to play this game, somehow you will find simple graphics and hilarious physics very interesting. Get yourself down the Zombies on all sides. Skip and browse everywhere just to remove them. Sending rockets in multiple directions to take down enemies, and more. Most importantly, simple and unobtrusive graphics make the game extremely accessible, even for Android users with low-end devices.

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