Brescia University College Scholarships 2023/2024 In Canada

Do you wish to attend Brescia University College in Canada to further your education? The good news is that undergraduate and graduate students can apply for hundreds of Brescia University College Scholarships from 2023-2024. Students from all over the world, both domestic and international, are eligible for these scholarships. For the academic year 2023–2024, anyone may apply for admission and a scholarship. Canada Scholarships are available at Brescia University College for undergraduate and graduate study in virtually every academic subject. This page will go through the benefits, academic programs, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for Brescia College University Scholarships.

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Scholarships at Brescia University College for the academic years 2023–2024 – Study in Canada

One of Ontario, Canada’s well-known universities is Brescia University College. Also, it has ties to the prestigious University of Western Ontario. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, it boasts more than 1,500 undergraduates who are both from abroad and in Canada. For Canadian and international students who need financial assistance with their educational costs, Brescia University offers a wide range of programs.

Information on the 2023–2024 Brescia University College Scholarships Programs:
In Canada, there is always financial assistance available for students. Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries are available to domestic and international students at Brescia University College. Certain Brescia University College honors and scholarships are given out immediately after admission, while others need applicants to check the requirements and submit their applications in advance. There are numerous domestic and international financial aid programs available for studies in Canada.

These extremely competitive Canadian scholarships, awards, and bursaries are available to study undergraduate to graduate degree programs in virtually all academic subjects and majors at Brescia University College in Canada.

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Scholarships Details:

Host Country: Study in Canada

Host University: Brescia University College

Scholarships Offered: Brescia University College Canada -Scholarship 2023

Scholarships Coverage: Partial / Fully Funded

No of Scholarships: Unlimited as mentioned on the official website.

Degree Level: Bachelor / Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs in multiple Fields.

What are the advantages of Brescia University scholarships for college?

At Brescia University, there are numerous scholarship, award, and bursary programs. Depending on the student’s academic merit, each program has a separate financial support structure. About all of Brescia University’s scholarships for the 2023 awards are sponsored exclusively. Opportunities at Brescia University College are available to help you realize your goal of receiving a funded scholarship to study in Canada. Please review the list below.

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Trustees’ Board of Continued Scholarship:

Full academic tuition is covered by three full-tuition scholarships.

Scholarship for Presidents’ Entry:

Number of Scholarships Funded with an Unlimited Value: 16 ($4,000/year)

Entry Scholarship for Provosts:

Number of Scholarships Funded with an Unlimited Value: 14 ($3,500/year)

Brescia Faculty Scholarship for Admission:

Number of Scholarships Funded with an Unlimited Value: 12 ($3,000/year)

Brescia Academic Excellence Scholarship:

Amount of Scholarships Provided – Unlimited: $8,000 ($2,000/year)

Scholarship for Foreign Admission:

Number of Scholarships Awarded with an Unlimited Value of Up to $24,000 ($6,000/Year)

Transfer Prize for CEGEP and CAAT:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Unlimited Value: Up to $2,500

Awards for Automated Programs:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Unlimited Value: Up to $1,000

World Leadership Prize:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Unlimited Value: Up to $6,000

President of the World Award:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Unlimited Value: Up to $5,000

International Ursuline Scholars Award:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Unlimited Value: Up to $3,000

Award for Community Leaders:

Six scholarships worth up to $1,000 have been funded.

Excellence BresciaLEAD Award:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Not Provided Value: Up to $5,000

Award for Varsity Student-Athlete Kyle MacDonald:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Not Specified Value: Up to $4,500

Entry Prizes for the Brescia Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Not Provided Value: Up to $500

Introductory Year Program Award for Ursuline Scholars:

Number of Scholarships Funded – Not Provided Value: Up to $3,000

Brescia University College: Brescia University, Canada What Programs Are Offered: Numerous academic sectors offer scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. There are several available fields. Please review the list of fields that are available.

Programs for undergraduate degrees:

  • Arts
  • Family Studies BSc (Human Ecology)
  • Family Studies Foods and Nutrition BA (Human Ecology)
  • Medical Sciences
  • Management and Organizational Studies in Kinesiology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • introductory year of French History
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Politics Psychology
  • Studies in Religion
  • Sociology

Graduate-level Courses:

Degree in foods and nutrition Master’s (MScFN) Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition Thesis Stream (MScFN) Master of Engineering in Food Processing, Practicum Stream (MEng).

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Nations:

Students from all across the world, including Canadian citizens, are eligible to apply for the 2023–2024 Canada Scholarship.
Must have submitted an application for a university course that is sanctioned.

Additional prerequisites:

Students should review the degree program because each field and major has different qualifying requirements.

What is the 2023–2024 Brescia University College application deadline?

Because there are so many awards, scholarships, and bursaries available, the deadlines for each degree program and scholarship vary. Be sure to verify which degree program you wish to apply for!

How Can I Apply For Scholarships at Brescia University?

At Brescia University, college students must be admitted to any undergraduate or graduate degree program in order to apply for the Canada Scholarships Opportunity. Qualified applicants will automatically be considered for some domestic and international scholarship programs in 2023–2024 after enrolling in any level of a degree program. In addition to this, you must apply for additional scholarships that the organization requests. Please review the additional information provided below.


Scholarship Apply page Automatically Open after 90 Seconds


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