Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 with english subtitles

In episode 11 of Barbaros Hayreddin, Hayreddin gets Luna ready for a horse carriage so she can travel to Venice securely. For their voyage, Aydin provides Luna and Marcella with food. Outside the city, the knights build a trap and wait. Luna is aware that something is off, but she is powerless to stop the knights. The carriage’s driver manages to flee without suffering any wounds. The driver arrives and informs Hayreddin that Luna has been abducted as she begins to make preparations to go ship as soon as possible. Hayreddin arrives at the spot right away and starts to follow the footprints on the ground. According to the dervish, the knights visited a neighboring city. With his buddies, Hayreddin begins to follow the carriage. After spotting Hayreddin at the market, a man keeps strolling.

Using the shortcut, Seydi Ali enters the city and inquires about Hayreddin. They must locate Hayreddin, according to Aydin. Dervish prepares a trap to stop the carriage after claiming Hayreddin is approaching. Hayreddin keeps after this enigmatic figure but is unable to apprehend him. Hayreddin yells at this man to quit because he can’t stand it any longer. The man enters a building and keeps walking. Kemankes visits the warehouse covertly to speak with Seyyare. Kemankes said he did his best and will always save Seyyare. Kemankes’ marriage proposal is once more rejected by Seyyare. The knights are halted and then attacked by Aydin. One of the knights unsuccessfully tries to halt Aydin.

Aydin believes he has saved Luna, but other knights arrive and take the Turks captive. Luna receives an apology from a man who also offers to speak with her. Aydin claims to be concerned for Hayreddin’s safety. Dervish tells everyone to remain calm and that they will soon be leaving this dungeon. When Hayreddin goes to the location where the man went, she hears music. The individuals inside are making dhikr, so Hayreddin notices this and instructs them to leave their swords at the door. Hayreddin approaches this enigmatic man and inquires about his identity. They start chanting as this man takes Hayreddin’s hand. The knights’ leader leads Luna into a room and informs her that her father has died. Luna examines her deceased father.

The knights’ master starts outlining the impressive legacy that Luna has inherited. Luna claims she doesn’t want to assume her father’s responsibilities. Hayreddin examines the man’s shirt. Hayreddin is questioned by Yahya about his ship’s flag. Luna thinks back to her early years and attempts to figure out why she abandoned the island. Luna is asked if she agrees to take on this mission by the knights’ leader. Luna declines this offer yet again. As he starts to explain the meaning of the markings on his shirt, Yahya declares that he will open Hayreddin’s eyes. Then Yahya offers Hayreddin his shirt, which he has taken off. Hayreddin dons the garment and promises to assist Yahya. Alessandro predicts that Lomelino would awaken shortly and declares his desire for

Concerned about the approaching court, Sahsuvar expresses concern. Sahsuvar enrages Ayaz, who then starts to pay attention to what she has done. Sahsuvar begs her brother for assistance and claims she has done everything for Sukufe. After giving it some thought, Luna decides to work as her father’s banker. Ayaz starts hunting for a solution to save Kemankes and Sahsuvar simultaneously. Yahya enters a library and informs the patrons that Istanbul’s Pasha is a traitor. When Hayreddin examines the library’s archives, he claims that this traitor Pasha sold the army’s cannons to the unbelievers. The chief of the knights, Luzatto, starts out by describing this hidden island and claims that Luna will never see it. According to Yahya, this Pasha was acting