Aile Episode 4 with english subtitles

The Family: Trailer And Synopsis For Episode 4

The Ale (The Family) fourth episode trailer has been made available. The episode ends with a crisis on the farm turning Aslan towards Devin and introducing Devin to Aslan’s darker side through a bad occurrence that will occur the following night. What transpired in the March 28th episode?

The fourth episode of Aile has a trailer. Cihan, who visits Devin’s clinic in the broadcast scene, declares in the final episode trailer that she wants to receive therapy from him. Devin states firmly that he will not perform treatment for Cihan after seeing her in front of him. What will transpire after this uncomfortable initial meeting between the two also begs numerous questions.


When Hülya finds that Devin and Aslan are getting married, she demands that Devin sign a marriage contract, but Aslan threatens to “come and take away the power of your worship!” His words drew interest. When we noticed that Cihan attended Devin’s clinic and that the word “Sadk” appeared in the advertisement, we were more concerned with anticipation for the new episode’s encounters between the two.


There is a new trailer for the third episode of Aile. A fresh introduction was published from the final episode of Ay Yapm’s Show TV series “Aile,” which garnered a lot of praise for its two episodes and took first place in the ratings. The Soykans’ grandma Seher goes missing, and the entire family comes together to look for her. Following Hülya’s (Nur Sürer) remarks regarding marriage, Devin discloses that she proposed to Aslan during a family talk.

Because we are forbidden from each other, Cihan responded to Devin’s “Why me” query, raising the issue of what will transpire between the two. As Aslan, who is in difficulty, tells Devin, who entered through the broken window, “I love you enough to protect you from myself,” it marks the beginning of a high-action episode. Here is the trailer and plot summary for Aile’s fourth episode.

Aslan and Devin decide to get to know one another better when Devin makes a proposal. Aslan is potentially turned by a crisis on the farm, and Devin is introduced to the dark side of Aslan by a bad thing that will happen the following night. Even though the incidents make Aslan and Devin doubt their connection, they are unable to separate from one another. Aslan starts a conflict when he discovers that Ati and Bo have decided to work on the documentary project. He does this by taking steps to sever the pair’s collaboration.


Devin welcomes Cihan, an unexpected visitor, into her clinic with Hülya’s help. Devin is faced with a significant dilemma as a result of the visit’s purpose. Cihan requires counseling. Hülya, understands in order to safeguard her family in the event of the marriage proposal, Devin has a marriage contract created for Aslan. As this contract puts them face to face, he will pressure Aslan to take safeguards of his own for this marriage. But Devin’s principles will all be destroyed by this action, which will put their relationship to the test.

4th episode of Aile (The Family) synopsis

On March 28th, the series will be updated. We appreciate you visiting us again.

The “Aile” series of Show TV screens is currently counting down to its release. After a long absence, Serenay Sarkaya and Kvanç Tatltu come back on the screen. The fourth new episode will air on March 28th.